Brooks Shoes

We are fans of the running shoes from Brooks. They offer superior comfort and sole protection for runners.

Selecting A Brooks Running Shoe

Selecting a running shoe is an important process that takes time in order to ensure that e runners and their shoes are a great fit. The best running shoe is the shoe that the runner does not notice while running. A poorly selected pair of shoes can lead to blisters, injury, and a disdain for running. There are several ways to evaluate the needs of a runner, so that the best running shoe may be found. Obviously we enjoy the features of Brooks Shoes. These are the primary factors to consider when selecting running shoes.

Type of pronation—pronation is the way an individual’s foot strikes the ground. Body type, weight, and height are all factors that affect pronation. When it comes to running, there are two types of pronation–overpronation and underpronation. In overpronation, runners transfer their weight along the outside edge of their feet while running. Underpronation is when weight is transferred along the inside edges of the feet while running. Weight transfer is defined as when the heel strikes the ground through when the toes push off and propels the runner forward, into position for the next heel strike.

An easy way to determine how someone pronates is by examining the soles of their old shoes, specifically the heels of the soles. Look for where the thread has been worn down. If the thread on the outside edge is worn down, then that is strong evidence of overpronation. If the thread on the inside edge is worn down, then underpronation is likely the case. Determining pronation is important for selecting shoes because certain features of footwear, such as stability, are beneficial for certain types of pronation.

Running Environment

The type of surface that a runner moves through determines the type of shoe they should wear. The more rugged a surface is, the more aggressive and cushioned the shoes should be. Compared to traditional road running shoes, trail running shoes have more cushioning and a more aggressive outsole. Additionally, some trail shoes have Gore-Tex liners and are waterproof; a desirable feature to runners in wet climates.

Brooks Shoes Running experience

Newer runners are still learning proper running form and are more likely to benefit from extra stability and cushioning, while experienced runners do not benefit from the added weight and bulkiness of a larger outsole. Beginning runners do not have strong feet that are conditioned to the repetitive impact of running, so a stiffer shoe helps minimize stress on the feet; this is achieved by using stiffer soles that are molded from dense plastic. Extra cushioning in footwear is a tradeoff of cushioning for weight. Barefoot style shoes and minimalist shoes are also increasingly popular with more experienced runners due to a lightweight, low profile, but offer little to no cushioning.

These factors are among the major considerations in choosing the right running shoe. Care should be taken to size each foot properly, as it is not uncommon for individuals to have different sized feet. Some people have unique arches and require orthotics; after-market soles are available for runners with special orthopedic needs. Men’s running shoe suggestions can be found at Women’s running shoes.

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